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about us

Owens Solutions is a one stop shop for all of your business needs.  Owned and operated by Dr. Becky Owens, PhD.  Dr. Becky is an entrepeneur and pioneer in online teaching and working.  She has been working online for over 15 years in various roles.  Dr. Becky has taught hundreds of  courses online and face to face.  She has developed numerous classes and trained and developed instructors all over the world.  

In addition to teaching, she has co-authored 2 books on the best practices for teaching online.  One of the books has been on the Amazon's best seller list.  

Dr. Becky has also held positions in office management, bookkeeping, college administration, coaching and advising,  proofing and writing.  

Dr. Becky lives in NH with her husband and 5 children in a 200 year old, historic home in a small town.  They have a small hobby farm with chickens, ducks, geese, a bunny, horses, goats, and a pig.  When she is not working or playing, she is at one of her children's many athletic events.  



Our Services


Administrative services

Owens Solutions offers solutions for small businesses to be successful.  We specialize in email and calendar management, newsletter design, event planning, travel planning and booking, writing, power point slide design, internet research, proofing, and more.  

social media management

We offer many services to help save you time such as social media graphic design, internet research, posting on your favorite platforms:  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  We also run Facebook ads!  This is a high end service and is priced according to clients needs.  Please contact Dr. Becky for prices.  

web site setup and maintenance

We provide web site design and setup in WordPress and Squarespace.  We have access to stock photos and graphic design services to create a web site that works for your business.  We will also maintain your site; making adjustments, additions, and changes as needed. 


Owens Solutions offers writing services.  Blog writing, web site page writing, email chain writing to integrate into your email software such as MailChimp or ConvertKit, etc.  We are also available for proofing and editing your ebooks, manuscripts, etc.  

eBook Design and Publication

Do you need help writing your eBook?  We offer a reasonably priced course that will allow you to write your first eBook in 10 days.  We will help you with formatting your eBook from Word to Amazon's required format, designing your book cover, and a publishing plan.  

The Whole Package

Are you an online coach, author, speaker and are just starting out?  Do you need a web site, social media set up, your ebook written, designed and published, your course written in Teachable, an online summit organized and executed?  We have got your covered.  

Pinterest guru

Do you do most of your business on Pinterest?  Do you need help creating your pins in Canva, setting your pins up on a scheduler like Tailwind, and engaging with your followers?  We are here to help.

Blogger package

Are you a full time blogger and need some assistance with writing your blog posts?  Or maybe you need a blogging content calendar developed?  Would like your blog posts to be marketed to your social media channels?  We've got you covered.  

I have been using Owens Solutions for my social media and my followers have increased by leaps and bounds! My business has grown and I’m so happy!
— C.T.


VA rates

All payments are due in advance.


10 Hours per month $299

Choose any (non social media management) services that we offer for 10 hours per month.

15 hours per month $499

Choose any (non social media management) services that we offer for 15 hours per month.  



20 Hours per month $599

Choose any (non social media management) services that we offer for 20 hours per month.

25 hours per month $799

Choose any (non social media management) services that we offer for 25 hours per month.



Social media management is priced depending on the needs of the client.  Please contact Dr. Becky at beckybco@Yahoo.com or through the contact page.  





If you would like to work with us, please fill out the form below.  We will contact you ASAP.  Or feel free to set up a free consult at www.calendly.com/beckyowensva